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Aid Stations, Checkpoints, Timing Chips, Drug Testing and more...

Aid Stations and Checkpoints

All registered participants can receive nutrition and hydration support at any of the six fully equipped Aid Stations and Checkpoints located along the course. Trash, cups, empty gel packets, etc. must be disposed of within the dedicated zones at the Aid Stations.

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Timing chips

Your timing chip logs your timing and checkpoint crossings. Only participants who complete the race having crossed every checkpoint are entitled to a bespoke Sierre-Zinal medal.

Drug testing

Sierre Zinal supports the policies and rulings of the Fondation Antidopage Suisse . As a participant in the Sierre-Zinal race, you are subject to drug testing and you acknowledge this notification and your willingness to be tested.


Sierre-Zinal will take place come rain or shine. Only a force majeure event shall be cause for cancellation. In the event of heavy snow fall at high altitude, we now have two alternate routes ending at Zinal and of equal length as the original course. In the event of a course change or cancellation there will be no refunds nor credits that could be applied to future events as all of the organization’s fixed costs must be covered.


Unless otherwise requested (See race’s official address on last page,) runners understand and agree that all photos taken during the race become the property of the Sierre-Zinal organization who can use them in any form, in any media whatsoever, without payment or other consideration.


T-shirts, sweaters and other garments bearing the race logo can be purchased on our website. They can also be purchased from the booths next to the Bib Pick-up in Sierre the day before the race or outside the Tent Hall entrance after the race finish.

Start AREA

finish area


How do I get to Sierre on the morning of the race?

  • Zinal: Buses leave Zinal at 3:10am for those running in the Tourist Category and at 8:15am for those in the "Runner" category.
  • Grimentz: Buses leave at 3:25am from the Gondola station for those running in the Tourist Category and at 8:30am for "Runners".
  • Chandolin: The bus leaves at 3h15 for those running in the Tourist Category and at 8:15am for those in the "Runner" Category.

These bus rides are not included in your entry fee. General Swiss Train Season Tickets (Abonnement general) are not accepted. Tickets can be purchased for CHF 7.- at the Zinal Tourist Office on Friday until 5:00pm or directly from the drivers in the morning (please have the exact change ready).

How can I get back to Sierre after the race?

The bus service from Zinal to Sierre runs from 11:15am until 5:30pm on Saturday afternoon. The rides are free upon presentation of your race medal or your bib. They are organized by the Swiss PostBus and the expenses (CHF 13.-) are covered by the Sierre-Zinal organisation.

Are there shuttle buses in Sierre to the start line ?

On the morning of the race shuttle buses will take "Tourist" Runners from the Cafe  Restaurant le Bourgeois at 3:00 am/ 3:20am / 3:40am / 4:05am / 4:25 am
The Shuttle buses will stop at the following locations: Cafe Restaurant le Bourgeois, Zwissig garage (Bib Pick Up ) and TCS roundabout (Swiss Touring Club camping ground) situated 500 meters from the start

Shuttle buses will take participants in the "Runner" Category from the Cafe Restaurant le Bourgeois at 7:20am / 7:45am / 8:05am / 8:20am / 8:40am / 8:45am / 9:00am / 9:20 am
The Shuttle buses will stop at the following locations: Sierre Train Station, Zwissig garage (Bib Pick Up) and TCS roundabout (Swiss Touring Club camping ground) situated 500 meters from the start

Lodging and Breakfast

"Runners" may find accommodation at Le Bourgeois shelter
"Tourists" may find accommodation at the Goubing Gym
Breakfast for all will be served at The Cafe Restaurant le Bourgeois

If you wish to spend the night before the race in collective accommodation, you can sign up at the information booth at the Sierre Town Hall (see map) next to the Bib Pick-Up booth, on the day before the race, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Accommodation includes mattress and blankets and shower access for a fee of CHF 12.- Your payment grants you a spot. If you arrive late you may pay directly the security officer who will show you to your bed.

You can have breakfast for CHF 7.- on the morning of the race, at the Café-Restaurant Le Bourgeois in Sierre, as of 3:00am. Breakfast includes tea, coffee, juice, cereals, bread, butter jam and fruit. Your payment grants you a spot.

Please note that there is no shuttle between the Goubing Gym and the Café restaurant le Bourgeois. =>Walking itinerary


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