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The 46th running of the Sierre-Zinal mountain race will be held on 11 August, 2019. One of the world’s most scenic mountain running trails, Sierre-Zinal has been hailed as the “New York Marathon” of mountain races. It is also the oldest of the kind in Europe.

Also called the “Race of the Five 4000m Peaks”, Sierre-Zinal heads along a daunting 31 km mountain trail involving a 2200 meter elevation gain and a 1100 meter vertical drop in the heart of the Valais Alps. The ingredients that lead to Sierre-Zinal’s enduring success are the stunning scenery, the warm and genial atmosphere, and the overall superb organization of the event. It stands out among the world’s most famous mountain races for good reason!

“As a mountain racer you must experience the tradition and history of this race.” These are the words of Jonathan Wyatt, a record holder of Sierre-Zinal, the Jungfrau Marathon and many other world-famous races.

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GPS coordinates of the start of the race. 

Sierre-Zinal Highlight 2019


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race profile: Sierre-chandolin (via st-antoine - via niouc) / chandolin-zinal

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