Sierre-Zinal 2024 Saturday, August 10, registration on April 2


“Race of the Five Obstacles“ in Sierre for children 4 to 9 years old, on Friday, August 11, 2023

The children's race is complete


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April 2, at noon

Results 2023



CHF 15.-

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The race is a 450 m loo, on friday, August 12 in Sierre, FORM 5:00 AND 6:30 ACCORDING TO AGE GROUPS

Children aged 4-5 i.e. born in 2018-2019 run 1 loop

Children aged 6-7 i.e. born in 2016-2017 run 2 loops

Children aged 8-9 i.e. born in 2014-2015 run 3 loops


Children aged 4-5; Children aged 6-7; Children aged 8-9

Entry limit: 100 runners in each category

Entry Fees and Payment

Entry Fee: CHF 15.-
Registration is final once payment is confirmed.


Each participant will receive a token prize.


  • 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm, number collection at the town hall of Sierre
  • 5:00 pm, start for girls 4-5 years old
  • 5:15 pm, start boys 4-5 years old
  • 5:30 pm, start for girls 6-7 years old
  • 5:45 pm, start boys 6-7 years old
  • 6:00 pm, start for girls 8-9 years old
  • 6:15 pm, start boys 8-9 years old
  • 7:15 pm, awards ceremony 

Sierre-Zinal Mascot – The Ibex

The mascot will make its appearance at the Children’s Race.


2021 Results

2019 Results

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