Sierre-Zinal 2024 Saturday, August 10, registration on April 2

The four-thousand-meter-peaks’ FAMOUS FIVE CLUB

The four-thousand-meter-peaks’ FAMOUS FIVE CLUB

An exclusive network of 50 people dedicated to the Sierre-Zinal legacy

Members can establish business contacts, exchange ideas and insights in a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

The values promoted are sharing, self-achievement and attachment to the area.

By sponsoring an edition of the event, you and your company will be symbolically linked to the History of Sierre-Zinal (1 spot per edition, the club is limited to 50 members).

Hurry and become one of the fifty sponsors. Choose your favourite edition between 1974 and 2023. One original event will punctuate every year’s exchanges.
Yearly Membership cost: CHF 1'000.



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