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Sierre-Zinal Overall Organization.

Sierre-Zinal executive committee

Director: Vincent Theytaz
Assistant Director: Valentin Genoud
Safety and Tech: Jérémie Melly
Guest Runners: Lucien Epiney
Starting Block: Jean-Yves Delacombaz

other committees

Association Delegate: Gaby Vianin
General Administration: Jessica Oertel
Assistant Administration: Liliane Da Paixao
Communication and Sponsoring manager: Sylvie Melly
Translation: Sandra Beck, Adriana Claude, Maria Epiney, Lieve Buntinx, Alexandra Jodidio
Website Translation: Evelyne and Isabelle Pinard (EN), Ursi Salamin (DE)
Archives: Rémy Zufferey, Corem
Finances: Anne-Sophie Theytaz
Media Relations: Benoist Germann
Sierre Lodging: Claire Zen Ruffinen
Website: Boomerang
Graphic Design: Grand + Partenaires
Photo Service: Mégane Delacombaz
Social Events: Jérôme Crettaz
Mascot: Yves Crettaz

Start and course managers

Bib Number hand out: Roland Beney
Start: Jeanloup Epiney, Christian Bagnoud
Radio Liaisons: Guillaume Ebener
Juniors' race: André Clavien
Electricity / Lighting: Reynold Favre
Sound System: Sonoval
Traffic: Police municipale de Sierre, Police cantonale
Trail Maintenance: Voirie de Sierre, Commune d’Anniviers, René Baumann
Signage: Yolande Moos avec le CA Sierre
Check-points: Alain Emery
Race Medical Staff: Stéphane Zufferey
Massages: Olivia Debatty, Fabienne Arend
Course Safety / Marshalls: Vincent Berthod, Jérémie Melly
Course: Jérémie Melly
Touristes Backrunners: Jean-Daniel Délèze et Gilles Favre
Runners Backrunners: Remo Carissoni
Chandolin Speaker: Christophe Hagin

Finish managers

Overall Coordination: Patrice Morisod
Diplomas: Marc-André Zurwerra
Timing: Gil Bonnet, Datasport
Ranking: Datasport
Zinal Speaker: Jérôme Crettaz
Guest Runners Meal: Stéphane et Véronique Tissières
Finish Welcome: Rémy Zufferey
Awards Presentation: Lucas Nanchen

Association de Sierre-Zinal board

Jean-Claude Pont (President)
Gabriel Vianin (Vice-President)
Christian Melly
Myriam Bonnard

Zinal Festivites

Concert: Leslie Melly
Canteen: Philippe Burgener, Patrick Bérod
Catering: Amadeus Sarl, Mayen Traiteur
Celebratory Drink: Commune d’Anniviers et Bourgeoisie d’Ayer
Car Park: Etienne Crettaz
T-shirts: Ophélie Genoud

checkpoints team leaders

Checkpoint 1 Beauregard: Tiffany Clavien, Bastien Blanc
Checkpoint 2 Ponchette: Yannick Ruppen, Christian Affolter
Checkpoint 3 Chandolin: Magali Crettaz, Alan Théodoloz
Checkpoint 4 Tignousa: Christian Caloz
Checkpoint 5 Hôtel Weisshorn: Gabrielle Terrettaz Voutaz
Checkpoint 6 Barneusa: Sébastien Chaudron, SD Ayer
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