Sierre-Zinal 2024 Saturday, August 10
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10. Disqualification and Withdrawal from the Race (art. 45-48)

Art. 45 Disqualification

Any participant who has violated one or more of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations shall be disqualified from the Sierre-Zinal Race.

In addition to their disqualification, the said participant must:

The same applies if the entourage of the offending participant violates one or more provisions of these regulations.

In order to contest their disqualification, the disqualified runner must file a complaint with the Organizers within [48 hours] of the pronouncement of the disqualification, on pain of being deprived of the right to contest it.

Should the participant be represented or advised by an agent, team manager or any other private person, or be part of a team with legal personality, the said agent, team manager, private person or team shall be jointly and severally liable for the reimbursement of the full amount set out in this provision.

Art. 46 Complaints

Any complaint concerning a matter other than disqualification (see Art. 45 Disqualification above) must be sent by email to the Organizers within 10 days of the Sierre-Zinal Race in question.

Art. 47 Disqualification or Withdrawal

The number of a participant who is disqualified for not complying with a cut-off time (seeArt. 21 Time limits) will be crossed out and deactivated directly at the check point where they arrived late. The said participant may keep their Bib as a souvenir.

A participant who quits the race must report to the nearest aid station or, at the latest, at the finish line. As soon as their decision is known, the participant is considered to be out of the race.

The Organizers will repatriate participants who have quit the Sierre-Zinal Adult Race (adult course), provided they quit before Tignousa. After this point, the participant must return to Zinal by their own means.

As soon as a participant is disqualified or has quit, they are no longer under the responsibility of the Sierre-Zinal Race and its Organizers.

Art. 48 Pursuit despite a disqualification

Any participant who is disqualified from the race and who wishes to continue may do so only after his or her number has been crossed out, and this under his or her own responsibility, at his or her own risk and in complete autonomy.

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