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8. Guest runners (art. 36-40)

Art. 36 Invitations and Prerequisites

Invitations are granted to runners or elite athletes by the Organizers (regardless of gender, the "Guest Runner", together the "Guest Runners") on a discretionary basis. The Organizers shall take into account the following elements when granting invitations:

  • estimated running time under the cut-off of 2:50 for Men and 3:20 for Women;
  • qualifiers in mountain trail running;
  • track references (5k, 10k, half and marathon).

A registration form for runners and elite athletes wishing to participate in the Sierre-Zinal Race is available on the Sierre-Zinal Race website at:https://www.sierre-zinal.com/fr/formulaire-inscription-172.html

Uninvited athletes have no right to contest the fact that they are not invited.

Art. 37 Types of invitations

There are several types of invitations, which may be combined:

  • Transport bonus: the Organizers shall contribute, at their discretion, to the transport costs of the guest runner from their place of residence to Zinal. However, the Organizers will not pay for any accommodation or meals for the guest runner in Zinal.
  • Accommodation for 4 nights in Zinal: the Organizers will pay for the guest runner to stay in Zinal for a maximum of 4 nights during the week of the Sierre-Zinal Race. Meals are also included and are paid for by the Organizers.
  • Accommodation 4 nights in Zinal under condition: the content of this invitation corresponds to the invitation "Accommodation 4 nights in Zinal". However, the guest runner or their representative must pay the Organizers an amount of CHF [90] per day on arrival in Zinal. This amount will be refunded:
  • If the guest runner runs in less than 2:50 (men) or 3:20 (women) (the Time Limits) on the unmodified adult course of the Sierre-Zinal Race, or
  • At the discretion of the Organizers and depending on the circumstances that led the guest runner to exceed the above-mentioned cut-off times, or to abandon the Sierre-Zinal Race.
  • Free Bib Number: the Organizers provide the guest runner with a free race number for the Sierre-Zinal Race.
  • Bib Number for a fee: the Organizers guarantee that the guest runner will have a competitor number for the Sierre-Zinal Race, in return for payment of CHF [95].

Art. 38 Additional charge for failure to comply with the cut-off times

In addition, depending on the circumstances, the Organizers may, at their discretion, charge a guest runner who failed to comply with cut-off times an extra CHF 100 for administrative work, the race number given and for damage to the image.

The circumstances in which the Organizers will charge the guest runner the above-mentioned supplement are, in particular, the guest runner's lack of seriousness in their preparation for the Sierre-Zinal Race, their lack of interest in the said race, the fact that the Sierre-Zinal Race represents only a preparation event and not a goal for the guest runner, or the lack of desire to set a good time, etc.

Art. 39 Additional obligations of the Guest Runners

In addition to the obligations set out above (see section 4. Rights and obligations of participants in the Regulations), the Guest Runners undertake to:

  • Attend press conferences, activities organized by the Organizers and official ceremonies to which they are invited. In this context, the 10 best invited male and female runners must go to Sierre the day before their race for a public presentation/introduction;
  • Attend the prize-giving ceremonies if they are concerned;
  • Be present at the starting line at the latest [20 minutes] before the start of the race;
  • For the 50th edition of the Sierre-Zinal Race, attend the brunch on Sunday 13th August 2023, if invited by the Organizers.

Art. 40 Honouring the invitation

The guest runner must honour their invitation to the Sierre-Zinal Race, whatever its type, and participate in it in a suitably prepared manner.

If the guest runner does not appear at the start of the Sierre-Zinal Race without first sending a medical certificate stating that they are unable to take part in the Sierre-Zinal Race for medical reasons, they will not be invited by the Organizers to the next editions of the Sierre-Zinal Race, unless they pay the Organizers the lump sum of CHF 100. This amount includes the registration fee as well as supplements for the administrative work carried out by the Organizers and for the damage to the image of the Sierre-Zinal Race.

In addition, if the invited Runner is to be provided with accommodation paid for by the Organizers on the days before or after the race, as well as free meals, and the invited Runner does not honour their invitation without reason, the invited Runner must reimburse the Organizers, in addition to the aforementioned maximum amount of CHF 100.00, the lump sum of CHF [90.00] per night in order to be invited to the next editions.

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