Sierre-Zinal 2024 Saturday, August 10, registration on April 2
Start of the race in

7. Registration Fee No-Refund Policy and Liability Exclusion (art. 33-35)

Art. 33 Registration Fee No Refund Policy

Subject to the conclusion of a cancellation insurance policy (see Art. 34 Cancellation Insurance below), the registration fee will not be refunded if the registered participant does not take part in the Sierre-Zinal Race, regardless of any justification. The same applies if the courses of the Sierre-Zinal Race have to be changed or shortened due to weather conditions or if one or more races of the Sierre-Zinal Race have to be cancelled for the same reasons (see Art. 12 Reservation for Weather Conditions).

In the event of cancellation or modification of the Sierre-Zinal Race on account of the health situation or any extraordinary situations (see Art. 13 Reserve for extraordinary situations) or for any other reason, the Race Organizers will decide at their discretion whether to reimburse the registration fee to the participants (none, partial or full).

Should the Sierre-Zinal Race be cancelled, the options taken by the participants (see Art. 30 Options) will be refunded in full.

Entries cannot be deferred to the following edition of the Sierre-Zinal Race.

Art. 34 Cancellation Insurance

At the time of registration, the participant may purchase a cancellation insurance in accordance with the terms and conditions of the official timekeeper of the Sierre-Zinal Race.

This insurance is offered by the official timekeeper of the Sierre-Zinal Race. The Sierre-Zinal Race and the Organizers therefore exclude all liability in connection with this cancellation insurance.

The said timekeeper’s insurance does not apply in case the race is cancelled or postponed, in particular for sanitary reasons (see Art. 13 Reserve for extraordinary situations). The Cancellation insurance offered by the timekeeper applies only in the event of a runner’s illness or accident (see the Timekeeper’s terms and conditions).

Art. 35 Exclusion of Liability

The Organizers accepts no liability for accidents, theft or loss in connection with the Sierre-Zinal Race. Each participant is also responsible for any damage or injury they may cause to third parties, without any recourse against the Organizers.

Any participant who willfully strays from the marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the Organizers.

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