A 19 km long mountain running trail for under-20s.




CHF 30.-


The Chandolin-Zinal mountain race is organized each year by the Association Sierre-Zinal. Chandolin-Zinal is a physically demanding, 19 km long mountain running trail which requires adequate training.

It will be held on Sunday 11 August, 2019 at 9:45 at Chandolin and is open to young athletes under 20 years of age (born in 2000 or younger).

Children under 10 are advised not to attempt Chandolin-Zinal. Children under 12 may have a running a partner. Children over twelve may not run with a partner.

Reminder: Children under 10 can sign up for the “Race of the Five Obstacles” in Sierre on Saturday 10 August, 2019.

Entry fees for Chandolin-Zinal are non-refundable. Runners who are prevented from attending event must contact the Race Entry Fee Insurance directly:

Margarethenstrasse 38
CH-4002 Bâle

Tél: +41 58 275 22 10
Fax: +41 58 275 27 42

Apparel and gear

You may take part in Sierre-Zinal with regular running shoes as long as they provide a decent amount of support. Part of the trail runs 2000 meters above sea level and in case of foul weather conditions it is advisable to wear adequate mountain clothes, full sleeves and sweat pants (this is especially true for the “Tourist” category).

Personal belongings are carried free of charge from Sierre to Zinal by bus. There will be two clothes drop offs: one at the Zwissig Garage Bib Pick Up, the other at the start staging area. Race organizers will not be liable for any lost or damaged items, so we recommend that you don’t leave any valuables in your bag. As “Tourists” start well before sunrise, a flashlight or running headlamp is recommended. Flashlights or running lamps can be dropped off at the Beauregard Aid Station

For safety reasons, poles, walking sticks, and such aids are prohibited. No dogs or animals of any kind are permitted. Checks will be carried out throughout the race and violators will be disqualified: During the first climb in the darkness competitors will be running in a single file and the slightest wrong move may result in an injury to the person behind you. The same holds true for the narrow trail section beyond the Weisshorn Hotel. Like in all race, runners are meant to rely only on their feet!

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