Race Rules and Regulations

Art. 1

The Sierre-Zinal mountain race is organized by the “Association Sierre-Zinal” in collaboration with the “Société de Développement de Zinal”, and the “Club Athlétique de Sierre”. It is open to all people who are physically fit. It is held every year on the weekend of the second Sunday of August.

Art. 2

see Categories, Schedules

The Chandolin-Zinal  Juniors’ race is forbidden for children under the age of ten. Children aged 10 to 12 may run alongside a partner. However, children over 12 must run without a partner.  

Art. 3

Your entry fee covers all the services provided by the Sierre-Zinal race organization: registration, transportation of your personal belongings from Sierre to Zinal (no valuables please) food and beverages at Aid Stations and finish line, post-race massage, a bespoke Sierre- Zinal medal (provided you have completed the course and crossed all the checkpoints), shower at arrival, a diploma, ranking, a hearty meal in the tent hall, and attendance to all the day’s events.

Race Entry fees are non-refundable in case the registrant is unable to run. If an edition of Sierre-Zinal has to be adapted (shortened course) or cannot take place for any reason (weather, impassable course, pandemic, extraordinary measures or other), the participant will not be refunded. However, the organisation can refund part of the registration fee. The participant will not be entitled to a deferral of registration for the next edition.

Art. 4

Good health and adequate training are required. Please only attempt Sierre-Zinal if you are healthy, able to run long distances, navigate difficult terrain and perform high-cardio activity with low oxygen. Sierre-Zinal is a long and physically taxing course.

Organizers shall not be responsible and shall not assume liability for on any accidents or injuries which may occur during the race despite careful trail maintenance and signage. Each participant is liable for damages or injury to a third party and cannot claim recourse against whomever. In case of emergency, medical staff may need to call a helicopter. The cost incurred will be charged to the injured person.

By registration for the race, the participant allows the organisation to use the visuals on which he/she may appear. 

Art. 5

For safety reasons and as matter of fairness, running off course is prohibited. The course is fully marked with yellow Zs and flags, complementing signage provided by legal owners. However, in the last part of the course, i.e. the descent towards Zinal, runners may as usual take the shortcuts between two points of the course. Poles, walking sticks, and such aids are prohibited. No dogs or animals of any kind are permitted.

At the start, runners in the “tourist” category have a choice between two routes (via St-Antoine or via Niouc).

Those in the “runner” category must use the Niouc route.

Art. 6

Cut-off time 5:30 pm: end of the race

Failing to cross the Chandolin, Tignousa and Hotel Weisshorn checkpoints will earn you a disqualification:










Hôtel Weisshorn



Neutralised runners must comply by returning their bib. Once the number has been withdrawn, the participant is considered out of the race.
It is imperative that participants who abandon the race announce themselves to the person in charge of the nearest refreshment post or at the finish. 

Art. 7

A doping free race

Sierre Zinal supports the policies and rulings of the Fondation Antidopage Suisse. As a participant in the Sierre-Zinal race, you are subject to drug testing and you acknowledge this notification and your willingness to be tested.

To protect your health and contribute to a doping-free sport, Sierre-Zinal implements the QUARTZ Event program. This program is opened to all participants. Several randomly selected participants will be notified by the organizers and expressly required to fill the forms and submit to mandatory tests. Other participants are welcome to fill the forms if they so desire. 

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art. 8

Refunds, Switches, Number Transfers, and Deferrals: Reminder

As indicated in our Rules and Regulations the deadline for bib transfers is July 22, 2022 at 5:00 PM when all starting blocks become final. Any change occurring after the deadline may negatively affect the block seeding system. Not only would it complicate the logistics of printing bibs complete with names and numbers, it puts you at risk of ending up in the wrong time slot. People first and trust based, Sierre-Zinal is one of the few organizations of this magnitude that make it possible to transfer bibs as late as two weeks prior to the race.

Entries or Bibs may be transferred under the following conditions:

  • No switches possible between the “Tourist” and “Runner” categories
  • Bib Transfer requests must be received NO LATER THAN FRIDAY JULY 22, 2022 AT 5:00 PM
  • Starting Block Transfer requests in the Tourist Category must be received NO LATER THAN FRIDAY JULY 22, 2022 AT 5:00 PM
  • Bib Transfers must be requested by the initial number holder who will provide the recipient’s required information.
  • Bib Transfers must be requested by the initial number holder who will provide the required information regarding the recipient of the new number
  • All Transfer requests must be sent to .

art. 9

Entry Fees and Additional Options

If the organising committee were to adapt the "classic" format into a 1-month race, a partial refund of the registration fee could be given to all participants. A change in the race format cannot be a valid way to obtain a refund of the registration fee. 

Regardless of the Refund Policy you purchased:

  • Breakfast on race morning (CHF 7.-) and collective accommodation the night before the race (CHF 12.-) will be refunded if the race is cancelled.
  • However, the Cancellation insurance offered by Datasport applies only in the event of a runner’s illness or accident (See Datasport’s terms and conditions). The Datasport insurance does not apply in case the race is cancelled or modification of the race concept !
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