The 49th running of Sierre-Zinal is sold out!

The 49th running of Sierre-Zinal is sold out!

Returning to its traditional one-day format on Saturday August 13th, 2022, the “Race of the Five 4000M Peaks” is set to host 5 800 participants - 3500 Tourists, 2100 Runners, 200 Juniors - who will tackle the daunting 31 km mountain trail. There are still spots available for the Race of the Five Obstacles, intended for children aged 4 to 9, and scheduled on Friday August 12th in Sierre. Book now on

To answer to the registration surge witnessed in previous years, the organizing team joined up with the mobility and transport engineering company CITEC and succeeded in substantially increasing the number of entries without compromising the smooth flow of the race. As a result, an additional 900 participants will be able to experience the thrills of Sierre-Zinal.


Tourist Category, 3500 entrants

The cantonal road going up the Anniviers Valley will be closed first from 4:40am to 5:15am, then from 5:45am to 6:20am and finally from 10:55am to 11:30am

Road closes at 4:40am

Starting block 1 start time: 4:45am

Starting block 2 start time: 4:55am

Starting block 3 start time: 5:05am

Road opens at 5:15am

Road closes at 5:45am

Starting block 4 start time: 5:50am

Starting block 5 start time: 6:00am

Starting block 3 start time: 6: 6:10am

Road opens at 6:20am


Runners Category, 2100 entrants:

Road closes at 10:55am

Starting block 1 start time: 11:00am

Starting block 2 start time: 11:10am

Starting block 3 start time: 11:20am

Road opens at: 11:30am


Junior Category, 200 entrants:

Start time from Chandolin at 10:15am

The mad rush experienced in the pre-pandemic past was avoided this year largely thanks to the entry increase as well as to the queuing system introduced by the organizing team along with Datasport. Most  bib numbers were sold in the first registration round, on Saturday April 2nd. The organizing team is delighted that all those hoping to compete had no trouble securing a spot in the iconic “Race of the Five 4000m Peaks”.

New this year, the race will occur on a Saturday: Saturday August 13th, 2022, instead of the second Sunday of August. The closing ceremony and show will take place the same day under the big tent in Zinal. On Friday August 12th, the children’s Race of the Five Obstacles will be held in downtown Sierre as part of the “Couleur Pavé Festival”. 

Sierre-Zinal as we all know it, is back! And with it, come the exhilaration and excitement we’ve all been missing!  A dazzling line-up of pro elite athletes have already planned to compete at Sierre-Zinal this year, record holders Maude Mathys and Killian Jornet among them.

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