50th Edition of Sierre-Zinal August 11-13. 2023
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Andreu Blanes

Official winner of Sierre-Zinal 2022!

Andreu Blanes, official winner of Sierre-Zinal 2022!

Andreu Blanes (Spain) is the official winner of Sierre-Zinal 2022. He won the race in a time of 02h29'19''.

Andreu Blanes is the second Spanish runner in history to win Sierre-Zinal after Kilian Jornet. He enters the legend of the “Five 4000-ers” race!

Mark Kangogo's suspension is final. The Athletics Integrity Unit informed us today that the athlete concerned "has acknowledged the offence, accepted a sanction and waived his right to appeal". As a reminder, the athlete tested positive for two substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) during the49th edition of Sierre-Zinal.

The Men's ranking has been adapted in the "Runner" category (see the official ranking). The organisation's regulations stipulate that the prize money of tested athletes is suspended until the anti-doping tests are obtained. These prizes are released once the negative tests are confirmed by the UIA. Therefore, Mark Kangogo's prize money has not been paid and will be redistributed according to the new ranking by the Sierre-Zinal organisation.

On this link you will find some pictures of our new champion at Sierre-Zinal 2022.

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The race organisation is happy to congratulate all the participants of this 2022 edition and is also happy to celebrate the victory of the athlete Andreu Blanes.

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