47th edition, 17 August to 18 September 2020

Sierre-Zinal 2020


sierre-zinal 2020

AGAINST covid-19

As we experience an unprecedented global health emergency, we wish to assure you that you are our priority and we will keep you informed of the decisions made by the Sierre-Zinal 2020 organizing team. At this juncture there are three possible options: 

OPTION 1: Sierre-Zinal is set to run on August 9, 2020

Hopefully, the current health situation is resolved by summertime and the race can be held on Sunday August 9, 2020, as planned. 

OPTION 2: Sierre-Zinal is postponed until Sunday September 13, 2020

Should the health situation necessitate limitations worldwide as late as the beginning of July, Sierre-Zinal 2020 would be rescheduled for Sunday September 13, 2020. Refunds can be made under certain conditions (see paragraph concerning “Registrations” below)! 

OPTION 3: Sierre-Zinal is canceled but registration can be refunded

In case the situation prevents the race from being held in September, this year’s edition will have to be canceled. 

Commitments and Refund Policies

When you purchase your entry, you are committing to running the race on Sunday August 9 or September 13, 2020 (rescheduling date).

If you cannot run on the rescheduled date, should the race be postponed to September 13, you can purchase a “Cancellation/ Rescheduling Refund Policy”.

Entry fees - Cancellation or Rescheduling Refund Policies 

  • The Sierre-Zinal base entry fee is CHF 85.-.  If you have not purchased the Cancellation/Rescheduling Refund Policy,  your entry shall not be refunded should the race be cancelled due to the Covid-19 health situation, nor shall it be refunded if you are unable to run on the rescheduled date of September 13th
  • The fee for the Cancellation Refund Policy is + CHF 18. If you purchase this Policy, your base entry (CHF 85.-) shall be refunded in case of cancellation linked to the Coronavirus.
  • The fee for the Cancellation/ Rescheduling Refund Policy is + CHF 30.-. If you purchase this Policy, your base entry (CHF 85.-) shall be refunded either in case of cancellation linked to the Coronavirus or in case you are unable to run on the rescheduled date of September 13th.
Bear in mind that rescheduling means that the race will be held on September 13th, and cancellation means that there will be no race in 2020.

* Whichever Policy you picked, in case of either cancellation or rescheduling, 2020 entries shall not be are not transferable to 2021.

Entry Fees and Additional Options

Regardless of the Refund Policy you purchased:

  • Breakfast on race morning (CHF 7.-) and collective accommodation the night before the race (CHF 12.-) will be refunded if the race is cancelled.
  • Your Gala ticket will be refunded if the race is cancelled.
  • However, the Cancellation insurance offered by Datasport applies only in the event of a runner’s illness or accident (See Datasport’s terms and conditions). The Datasport insurance does not apply in case the race is cancelled or postponed!
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