The Sierre-Zinal race is organized each year by the «Association Sierre-Zinal» in collaboration with the “Société de Développement de Zinal, and the Club Athlétique de Sierre. Sierre-Zinal is a long and difficult race of 31 km with a positive ascent to 2100 m and a negative descent of 900 m. In order to participate in such a race one should train and prepare themselves properly.

Change of attribution of numbers and data:

A number can be transmitted to another participant but has to respect the following conditions:

  • Number which passes from a category to the other one: possible change until July 18th, 2016. Unauthorized past this date (normalize security 2016).
  • Number which stays in the same category: possible change until August 7th, 2016 (free of charge). Definitive change (with increase of CHF 10.-) until Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 at 1:00 pm.
  • The transfer of number must be asked by the person who gives up by mentioning the informations(name, birth date…) of the person who takes back the number.
  • The changes of blocks cannot be any more modified. Particular cases treated until Friday, August 12th, 2016 at 1:00 pm.

No refund of registration is made by the office of the race. The people who cannot run have to contact directly the insurance cancellation. The registration cannot be postponed for a next year.

Link for insurance:



You can participate in Sierre-Zinal with regular good running shoes. Part of the event takes place higher than 2000 metres above sea level and in case of uncertain weather, it is advisable to wear suitable mountain clothes (for tourists), or a track suit.

Personal effects are carried free of charge by bus from Sierre to Zinal. They can be collected at the second distribution of race numbers (Garage Zwissig) or at the place of departure of the race. The organisers of the race take no responsibility for the transport of these personal belongings, in case of loss or damage.

For “tourists”, the departure takes place before sunrise and a flashlight or running lamp is useful. Flashlights or running lamps can be deposited at the Beauregard checkpoint where food and beverages are distributed.

Ski poles or walking sticks are not allowed. Dogs are not allowed either. Controls will be carried out throughout the race and violators will be disqualified.


The organisers decline all responsibility in case of accidents, which are always a possibility on mountain paths. In case of emergency, doctors may need to call a helicopter, and the charges for this assistance will be at the expense of the injured person.

New starting block system for the tourist category. Four departures are given and participants are divided into 4 groups according to their ability. In order to establish the groups, participants are required to give their estimated race time. Important: each participant sets off his/her departure time as the starting line is crossed.

Runners in the “Touriste” category can choose to follow the path that passes by the Chapel of St. Antoine or the route that the elite runners take. (see profile of the race).

Start and finish area



To get to Sierre on the morning of the race:

  • Zinal: Buses leave Zinal at 3:30 am (for Tourist Category) and at 7:30 am (for elite runners).

  • Chandolin: Bus leaves at 7:00 am for elite runers. No bus for Tourist Category, you have to join Vissoie by yourselves to take the bus which comes down from Zinal.

These bus rides are not free. General Swiss train subscriptions (Abonnement general) are not accepted. Tickets can be purchased for CHF 7.- at the Tourist Office on Saturday until 17:00 or directly from the drivers in the morning (please prepare the right change).

To get to Sierre after the race:

Bus service from Zinal to Sierre runs as of 11:15 and until 17:30 on Sunday afternoon. These rides are free upon presentation of the race medal. They are organized by the Swiss PostalBus and the expenses (CHF 13.-) are covered by the Sierre-Zinal organisation.

Housing and to have breakfast

The day before the race, participants have the possibility to stay in Sierre in collective housing for the price of CHF 12.-Mattress and blankets are provided and shower facilities are available. The payment of this amount is equivalent to a reservation. Information regarding housing is given at the race number distribution stand (see map), the day before the race, from 14:30 to 18:30.

Breakfast is available for CHF 7.- on the morning of the race, at the Café-Restaurant Le Bourgeois in Sierre, as of 3:00 am. The payment of this amount is equivalent to a reservation.

Race numbers

The race numbers are distributed in Sierre, on the eve of the race from 14:30 to 18:30 at the City Hall (Hôtel de Ville), as well as on the race day as of 3:30 to 9:00 am at the Zwissig garage (see map). Juniors can withdraw their race numbers in Sierre on Saturday or on Sunday in Chandolin.

Start: Touristes 5:00, 5 :05, 5 :10 et 5 :15

Cat. 1-7 9:45


Timing Chip

Timing and check points along the route are verified by the race chips provided to all runners. Only participants who complete the race with the proper registration at each checkpoint are entitled to the medal. Registrants who do not meet this requirement are entitled to the meal on arrival, upon presentation of their race number and when they return the race chip. Runners who fail to return their chips will be charged CHF 40.

Dope test

Sierre-Zinal participates in efforts to stop doping. The act of registering for the race implies that runners agree to submit to doping controls.


If, for safety reasons (heavy snowfall at high altitude), the profile of the race should be changed, registration fees will not be refunded nor the registration postponed until the following year, as in these cases all organisational costs have already been engaged. Regarding snowfall at higher altitudes, we now have two alternate itineraries, whose length is equivalent to the official route, arriving in Zinal.


Unless otherwise requested (race official’s address on last page), the organisation is authorised to use images of the participants during the race in various publications.


T-shirts bearing the logo of the race are on sale at the Tourist Office in Zinal, in sports shops in Sierre and in Zinal, as well as at the race number distribution stand before the race. One can also buy them outside the tent where the meal and the award ceremony take place, after the arrival.

The 44nd Sierre-Zinal race will take place on August 13, 2017.

The Junior category

We organize for runners under 20 years old a race from Chandolin to Zinal. Elite runners that aim to place in the top group or want to achieve a record time often mention the difficulty they encounter in passing the juniors.It is recommended that Junior runners NOT use earphones/walkmen while they run as they cannot hear the runners coming behind them, in order to facilitate their passing.The departure of the Juniors will take place at 9:30 am.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony is to 3 :45 am.



In collaboration with Datasport, we provide a free SMS service to all participants in the Sierre-Zinal race. If you wish, your results will be communicated by text message to your cell phone from the moment you cross the finish line. Participants may also ask that three people of their choice receive their intermediary times via SMS as well as their final time. These persons will therefore know where their friends are and their arrival time.